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Innovating Science By Aldon


Innovating Science By Aldon

Alex Molinich


Since 2006, educators have trusted Aldon’s Innovating Science lab kits to offer their students hands-on learning in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Forensics, and more. Our lab kits are bench tested and written by in-house experts and teachers. Innovating Science educational labs are tailored to each experience level, from grades K-12, and even through college. Our complete labs have everything you need for interesting and exciting learning and include teacher’s guides and student manuals.

Featured Product


Distance Learning Kits

These kits cross different curriculums and are designed for socially distant seetings, distance learning, after school programs and home schools. Most kits are designed for 2 groups and include a instructions to complete the lab. These kits provide the same results as our larger traditional classroom kits but allow for situations where a smaller group is desired.


Safety Clean Up Kits

Wide range of Safety Clean up Kits for your lab.​

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